Robinson Museum

Old time laundry, Dentist’s Office, Doctor’s Office, Post Office and changing exhibits

In our old-time laundry area we have on display antique wooden washing machines, old ironing boards, sad irons.  Don’t know what sad irons are?  Here is your chance to find out.

Got a toothache or a tummy ache?  Visit our Doctor/Dentist office display to get a feel for the medical profession in the “good old days.”

Need to mail a letter?  The old New Era Post Office is right here.  The individual cubby-hole mailboxes, postage scales, the windows where the patron asked for mail or for stamps, etc.  You will also find a map showing the location of every original post office in Oceana County and the years it was in service.

Robinson Building Donated to the Oceana Historical & Genealogical Society 1982

Mears- The best-kept secret in Oceana County the past year was revealed Saturday afternoon at the dedication of the new Oceana County Historical Society building. The anonymous donors of the structure is the family of the museum’s first chairman, Mrs. Kenneth (Marjorie) Robinson of Silver Lake. The announcement of the donor was made during the dedication ceremony by Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Mrs Charles(Ann) Chandler of Indianapolis, Indiana. Mrs. Robinson was spared the shock at the ceremony by her family who told her the previous evening. The building of the 24 x 40 foot structure was guided by Mrs. Robinson’s husband and was the result of many hours of volunteer labor. The plaque presented to Mrs. Robinson, which will be hung inside the new building reads: ” The material for the shell of this museum building was given by the Robinson family to honor the first chairman of the Oceana County Museum, Mrs. Marjorie I. Robinson.”
The Herald-Journal, Hart Michigan July 8, 1982