DESCRIPTION                                               MEMBER’S PRICE                                         NON-MEMBERS PRICE

BOOKS: Beyond the Stone series                 $ 45/each                                                                $54/each

MICROFILM COPIES** (your research)        $  1/each                                                                 $  1/each

PHOTOGRAPHS (up to 8×10” or digital):      $8/each                                                                   $10/each

Commercial Photo costs                                                                   $15/each

PRE-RESEARCHED COPIES                     $  2/each                                                                   $  3/each

RENTAL: Swedish Church*                          $135/day                                                                   $150/day

RENTAL: Transportation Bldg.*                    $135/day                                                                   $150/day

RENTAL: Church & Trans. Bldg.*                 $250/day                                                                   $275/day

RESEARCH FEES                                        $10/hour                                                                $12/hour


Book postage and handling – $6 per “Beyond the Series” book,
in addition to book cost.

Photo & CD postage & handling – see order form

*Security deposit required in addition to above posted fee                                            

**Excludes all pre-searched records, such as obits, hanging
files, notebooks, scrapbooks, family histories, surname files, books, microfilm
copies researched by Society, etc. Copyright considerations are buyer’s
responsibility.                                                                (Prices effective until 31 July 2019)